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Hellish Place by RynkaDraws Hellish Place by RynkaDraws
A fast drawing for the "042: hell" for :iconweekly-environment:

Wanted to try drawing a few sketches in my sketchbook first, and not "thinking on paper" which is the way I usually draw digitally. Didn't come out exactly like the sketch, there were some elements I really liked in there but just didn't fit in, there was this demon in the front in a really cool pose and the whole floor was lava with hands engulfing the tree bottoms and climbing up, but we do need to murder our darlings... RIP. You'll be forever treasured in my sketchbook, darlings!

The composition though, is way better that my usual stuff, and also the it went pretty fast, less than an hour. I really like this method, will probably do more works like that in the future.
We live to improve :)
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Schlegel120 Featured By Owner Mar 20, 2013   Digital Artist
Amazing work, love the hands coming out of the ground the most.
Jacob-Cross Featured By Owner Dec 22, 2012
Reflective-Sentinal Featured By Owner Nov 7, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
I love hearing about how your methods are evolving. I feel like that is all I am working on at the moment.

Regarding the piece:

I like the hands reaching out of the magma.

Feels a little bit off to me. The flying deamon on the top left feels too forground, and that draws my attention to that corner of the image. It feels broken up on either side of that big tree thing. By croping a bit from the left hand side of the image, receeding and relocating the deamon it will reduce the importance of that corner of the image.

There is also the issue of dueling gazes, basicly we like to see what other things are looking at. in this case, the deamon on the left looks down and right, while the deamon on the right looks down and left. is there something really interesting behind the tree?

Think about thirds, and narative. You have a good focal point in the pillars of fire on the horizon, maybe push the brights there?

Subjective: I don't feel like the shape of the tree things is quite right. Perhaps a more twisted shape that goes out more that up. It might make the hanging men easier to see.

You know this already, but I wanted to mention it again, your atmospheric perspective looks a bit screwy, you did the things I would have done so I can't fault you for it :) and it is a very screwy enviroment. good refference for this could be... volcanos, desert and salf flats with high heat distortion. I don't actualy know what the atmosphere does in these conditions. It would be great is there was more... something on the mountains ( contrast, detail.. I don't quite know what, running to the bounds of my understanding of how to make things better. Also, when in doubt, make the clouds epic, they can also help shape the focal point of the composition and lead the eye to it. Might be a good piece to present to the team Awesomehorse over on face book for critique. )

You have a subtle horizon tilt that I think works well, but the tree on the right doesn't quite follow it.

Do you mind if I do a paint over of this? I want to do a couple of my suggestions so you can see what I am trying to say.

I enjoy the strength of the concept in the piece, and how you achieved it.
RynkaDraws Featured By Owner Nov 16, 2012  Student Digital Artist
Thank you for the comment, took me a while to get to truly understand it as I was too defensive of most points if the work :)

You're right about the demon, at the time I just liked the diagonal it made through the hanging character, which led the eye back into the painting, but it does draw too much attention to itself. That part felt lacking to me before it's addition, but too clustered after it was there, and I didn't want to move the tree around to make room for it. I'll give it more thought in the future.

lol, I really liked the comment about dueling gazes XD actually both of them are supposed to be looking at the hanging humans like eagles in the desert, but I guess I didn't convey that feeling very well. You're right about the shape of the tree of course, it was in the initial design, but I didn't make it prominent enough here because I liked the new rocky-textury feel of it, but something still felt missing.

The background... yeah, it was just a later addition and I didn't think too much of what to put there. My idea was not to make it too distorted with heat, but instead just make it blurred though ashen fallout. The closer the ground gets to those distant eruptions, the more ashen sand there is on it. It's not hotter than the rest of the environment, if anything it's a bit colder, like the eruptions are drawing the heat in around them. So yeah, it was definitely hard to convey that part, because it's not anything like real volcanoes.

Perspective-wise, it's a 3vp perspective, with the middle vertical located roughly around where the rule of thirds cuts the page, in between the trees. This makes the closer tree warp in the other direction so it might feel a bit off even though it isn't. It looks slightly problematic, but that is because I never decided if that tree was midground or foreground :P
Reflective-Sentinal Featured By Owner Nov 23, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Regarding perspective, I think you might be interpreting that a little bit wrong (or I am, flip a coin really :D).

Assuming that your middle vertical = a line perpendicular from the horizon through the 3rd vanishing point. If that is true, than the rest of this might make some sense... if not, I shall blather on for several paragraphs and make little sense at all :blahblah: .... Onward!

All of this has to do with the focal point of your image, and centre of view. The focal point and the centre of view are basically the same thing (as far as I understand). The true vertical runs from the 3rd vanishing point through the focal point / centre of view and through the horizon (and is perpendicular to the horizon).

For me the focus of the picture is in the left hand tree, so the vertical line should run through that part of the picture. Next is the elevation of the focal point/ centre of view, which I feel is about the top of the tree, relatively near the horizon which gives us very little convergence to the 3rd vanishing point which is very far away from the horizon.

Having the focus of the image not line up with the centre of view in the perspective creates an odd glitch, drawing our eyes one way then the other. The distortion in this particular image doesn't hurt it, and I think adds a neat dissonant effect. I suggest that you do a study of some trees or buildings in a similar angle to this picture, and compare the perspective.

I am going to keep this trick in mind for the future, its a neat one.
Reflective-Sentinal Featured By Owner Nov 16, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
In short: Art is hard. Things get really complicated really fast. How we as creators see our work is not how others see it, and an opinion is only an opinion.

I appreciate having a discussion, and I will be replying to this in more detail when I can (might be monday)

anime2008 Featured By Owner Nov 6, 2012  Hobbyist Artist
מחריד O.ם
LeeSou Featured By Owner Nov 6, 2012  Student Digital Artist
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